Friday, July 6, 2007

Fairy Hunting by Flashlight (January 2006)

At the begining of Pre-Kindergarten, we had a new student. Her name was Lily. I'd been looking for somebody who believed in fairies and who would help me make things for them, and Lily seemed like the right sort of person.

She came to my house for a playdate and we decorated a fairy house made from two big clamshells, and left it in my garden. We also hunted for fairies with flashlights.

And sure enough, Lily started leaving things for the fairies in her neighborhood, and they began leaving her little treasures too! Later, Lily moved to a house in a canyon, where she was really out in nature and where she saw all kinds of birds and animals, and the fairies in my garden would send messages to the fairies in her canyon using their friends the birds!

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